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Take Your Music Making Mobile With the MX Keys Mini

The MX Keys mini new key will allow you to create music while on the move. The tenkeyless-style keypad was created in response to requests from customers who wanted smaller versions.

It features three functions that enable remote working during the Covid-19 pandemic a lot easier with dictation keys as well as a mute button, and an Emoji key.


There are a variety of different sizes of keys found on synths and keyboards. There are “mini cooper key Replacement cost” and “slim” keys as well as full-size keys. Each of these have a different design and feel, but what’s important is the entire package – not only how many keys are there and whether they are mini or full size.

For instance, there’s the Casio SA 51, which comes with a total of 100 sounds and 50 rhythms, but is smaller than alternative models. It’s also easy to transport and is a great practice instrument. The MicroKorg XL has smaller arrow keys, but more space, right shift and enter buttons. It all depends on your needs and the importance portability has to you.


Full-size keys. “Slim” keys. “Mini” keys. Each of them has slightly different meanings, which can be a major influence on how a keyboard feels. To help you make comparisons, we’ve put together this useful chart of key size comparison.

In this category, our pick is the iRig Keys Mini. It’s an excellent choice for musicians who are on the move or anyone who needs to practice – at home, in the office or wherever you’d like to work. The keyboard is light and portable and utilizes Bluetooth wireless technology to connect to your mobile device. It comes with a range of accessories, including the sustain pedal for adding expressiveness.

This model is equipped with more than 500 pro-quality onboard sounds, as well as loop mix features to make your own music, or use it as an instrument controller for other hardware synths or DAW software. The keyboard is geared towards beginners, with simple functions to aid you in getting started.

It also comes with the USB keyboard receiver that connects to your laptop or computer and lets you plug in any compatible keyboard to control your DAW without any latency. It includes a variety of essential music software, including AAS Session Bundle and Softube Time & Tone. Also included is the exclusive Spitfire audio LABS Expression Strings instrument.


The MX Keys Mini is a compact keyboard that comes with many features. It features dual keys that are compatible with Mac and Windows and Windows, so if you’re switching between laptops at work and home (a typical practice during the coronavirus pandemic) you don’t have to worry about accidentally hitting the wrong button, and adding gibberish to your open document.

This keyboard also has a number of other handy features, including the system mute button that is compatible with all of your apps and conference software. It also comes with an emoji key and the dictation keys are dedicated to allow hands-free voice dictation.

The layout of the MX Keys Mini is still excellent, despite the fact that it has been reduced in keys to fit into its 65%-sized. The cursor jets were squished together to form the shape of a laptop double stack and the function row has been slightly reduced to make room for the delete button. The only real drawbacks are the absence of a Touch ID finger print scanner as well as the Back button which turns on the backlight. This could be distracting when typing in the dark.


If you’re searching for a mini keyboard that you can compose music on and take around, select one that is compact enough to fit comfortably into your bag or backpack. It should also come with useful functions that can aid you in recording your musical ideas whenever inspiration strikes while on the move.

If your mini keyboard becomes exposed to water, you should immediately take it off and clean it with a paper towel or electronic cleaner. Dry it completely before putting the battery back in its place. If the key fob does not function after this, it might have been reprogrammed, and you’ll need an original replacement key to reset the device.

iRig Keys Mini, which is a 25-key MIDI Controller designed to go wherever your mobile lifestyle takes you. It’s compact enough to slip into your backpack or gig bag but comes with a powerful application that will help you turn your mobile ideas into full-on songs.

The keyboard comes in graphite, rose or gray with a pale shade, and comes with white LED-backlit keys. Logitech designed the MX Mini with busy professionals and creatives in mind. It provides a variety of ways to connect devices to enable seamless multi-device work. It can be linked to tablets, laptops or desktop PC for taking notes, and then switch to your smartphone to edit, compose and post to social media.

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