10 Lavazza Coffee Beans 1kg-Friendly Habits To Be Healthy

Lavazza Coffee Beans 1kg

The red packaging of lavazza beans 1kg represents the passion of Italian homes. This classic blend has been evenly roasted for the most intense, rich flavor and a remarkable body.

This blend is made with Arabica and Robusta beans of the highest quality, which are sourced from Central and South America as well as Asia. It is suitable for filter coffee makers and bean-to-cup machines.

Qualita Rossa

Lavazza Qualita Rossa 1kg coffee beans are a powerful blend of Arabica and Robusta with hints of dried fruit and dark chocolate. It is medium-roasted and has a smooth, well-rounded taste. It’s the perfect choice for bean-to-cup machines, filter machines, or to grind for a French moka pot or press.

It is a distinct blend comprised of 70% Arabica and 30 percent Robusta whole beans that are suitable for cafetieres, percolators and filter-coffee and espresso machines. The coffee beans are sourced from all over the world and are roasted to provide an authentic and delicious experience. This is the true Italian blend of coffee, and the iconic Lavazza product that has been igniting Italian passions for generations.

With a bag of lavazza beans, you will be able to enjoy the best coffee every morning. This blend is a versatile one that can be enjoyed with or without milk, according to your preference. This is a full-bodied, rich coffee with a level five intensity that will brighten your mornings.

The coffee is a blend of finest arabica from South America and Africa combined with robusta beans from India and Indonesia. This provides a full-bodied flavour with hints of cocoa and dried fruits. This is the ideal coffee for those who like a thick, strong crema layer.

Lavazza is a family-owned business that has been operating for more than 100 years. It began as a small Turin coffee shop and has grown into an international brand. It has a reputation for consistency and quality. Its products are sold in more than 80 countries. The company is also known for its innovative products that have made it a leading player in the coffee industry.

Medium roast coffee can be used with bean-to cup machines, traditional espresso machines or ground for filter. It’s also compatible with stovetop espresso makers, like moka pots. The coffee beans are packaged in a bag of 1kg, making it possible to enjoy a delicious cup of java every day.


The Cremoso espresso is a wonderful blend of coffee beans from Southeast Asia and Africa, as well as Central and South America. It has a delicate yet intense taste. This high-quality coffee is the perfect choice for a creamy and rich espresso or cappuccino and macchiato, and can be made with a portafilter or an automated machine. The Cremoso is a premium cup that will impress your friends and family by its rich aromas and delicious taste.

The Ndeg9 Cremoso from Pellini is a fantastic coffee that is made using traditional Italian methods. The result is an espresso that has a harmonious full body and a long-lasting crema. This top-quality espresso is ideal for those who want to taste the authentic Italian taste and will satisfy even the most sophisticated palates.

The decision to buy 1kg of coffee beans will benefit your taste buds as well as your budget and the environment. The bulk purchase reduces packaging waste and allows you to experiment with the grind size and brewing methods. You can make more coffee using the same amount. Coffee grounds, a byproduct of your daily brews, could be composted for soil enrichment.

Lavazza’s fine blends are carefully chosen, and only top Arabica and Robusta beans are employed. The company pays close focus on the source and variety of these beans, that are sourced from Central America, South America, and Asia. By selecting the best whole beans and then grinding them on-site, Lavazza can create an unforgettable barista-worthy coffee experience for coffee lovers.

Super Crema

The Super Crema blend is a must for those who enjoy a robust coffee with lots of flavor. It blends the sweetness and delicate flavours of Central American beans and Indonesian varieties to make the perfect cappuccino and espresso. The blend is medium strength, making it ideal for use in an espresso machine.

The blend of premium Arabica and Robusta natural and washed beans has been carefully roast to ensure that the final result is rich and rich, with a full flavour. The beans are sourced from all around the world, with special attention to their origin. The result is a premium coffee that is delicious and healthy. It is rich in antioxidants and is also low in sugar and fat.

This 1kg bag will produce around 140 single espressos if used in modern Italian espresso machine or a traditional Italian espresso maker. It can also be used in a filter coffee maker. It is recommended to grind the beans right before making the coffee. This will ensure the freshness of the beans and ensure that they’re at their best.

Lavazza whole beans can be kept in a cool, dry location. It is not recommended to expose it directly to heat or sunlight. It is also important to store it in an airtight container to prevent moisture from entering.

The Lavazza brand has a long history of producing premium coffee and is a well-known brand in the coffee industry. Luigi Lavazza founded the brand in Turin in 1894. He began his business as an grocery store owner and later started roasting beans by himself. He was looking to create a coffee that was distinctive and had its own distinct identity. This was the foundation for the success of the Lavazza brand which is today one of the most adored coffee brands in Italy.

The company has an international presence, but continues to focus on its values and its heritage. It combines this with innovative research and technology to create new products. It also is focused on sustainability in the environment. The company strives to minimize its impact on the environment by purchasing its beans from local farmers and also by using a facility that is carbon neutral.


If you’re in search of a whole bean coffee that can keep its organoleptic properties in your tabletop coffee machine take a look at Lavazza Expert. This blend is medium-dark with rich and harmonious notes of cereals and dried fruits. It is also perfect for espresso drinks.

This coffee produces a dense compact cream that is with a strong aroma when brewed correctly. The coffee is a delicate blend of Robusta and Arabica beans from Africa and Asia. Roasting gives it a taste that is intense and rich with woody aromas.

Experimenting with whole bean coffee can aid in finding the most suitable one. You can experiment with different sizes of grinding, brewing methods, and blends of coffee beans to enhance your brew. Shopping in bulk is eco-friendly, since it means you’ll have less bags and containers. It’s a small gesture that can make you a coffee lover. You could even make the switch to compostable coffee grounds, which can be a great alternative to fertilizer for plants.

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