10 Tell-Tale Warning Signs You Should Know To Know Before You Buy Sectional Sofa With Chaise

Buying a Sectional Sofa With Chaise

Sectional sofas and couches come in many shapes, sizes and configurations. One of the most well-known options is the chaise sectional.

This type of sectional features a reversible lounge chaise that can be swapped from the left or the right side of the couch. To do this, remove the standard cushions at the opposite side and replace them with a floating cushion that supports the chaise cushion.


A sectional sofa with chaises is a fantastic option for families who frequently organize game nights, or for those who like sitting on the couch. This seating option is a great alternative to traditional couches. It can be used in a corner of your living space as it does on a large open floor plan. There are a variety of options, from the tufted velvet to the slipcovered linen. They can be adapted to meet your style and requirements.

If you’re looking for a sectional that has chaise, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of sizes to choose from. This includes the popular L shape configuration which looks like two sofas that are joined at a right angle. It’s ideal for corners and can be placed in the middle or in the corner of the room. Larger four-piece sectionals are able to accommodate a large number of people and are ideal for larger spaces. Some sectionals come with an ottoman extension on one side that converts into a full-length chaise lounge. This kind of sofa isn’t as popular but is still extremely comfortable. Certain models can also be called cuddler sectionsals.

The fabric you select for your sectional sofa will also impact the overall comfort. Walsh suggests plush-performance fabrics that is easy to clean and resistant to spills and stains. These kinds of materials in a wide range of colors, from bright blues to subdued greys and browns. Some alternatives are made of leather which is a popular option for formal settings and anyone looking to elevate a space by giving it a refined appearance.

When you’re trying to decide which configuration is best for your space, start by imagining which direction you’ll face when sitting on the sofa. Then, choose your chaise layout based on the direction you’ll be facing. You can choose between left-facing and a right-facing sectional chaise and U-shaped options for large spaces that can accommodate the coffee table.

To give more comfort to your sectional, you could consider adding a few accent pillows in your preferred color and placing an accent table beside it for drinks or remotes. You can also keep blankets and extra pillows around for a comfortable place to relax after a long day.


A sectional sofa with an armchair can create a tranquil atmosphere in any living space. These seating options work best in open-plan areas and can help you maximize the space available for seating family members or guests. These are modular units unlike traditional sofas. This lets you modify them to suit your space.

There are a variety of styles available that include contemporary and transitional models that are compatible with a variety of decors. You can also find formal designs with ornamental details like exposed nail head trim that work well in living room areas where people gather.

Some sectional couches with chaise lounges are U-shaped, making them ideal for spaces that can hold a lot of people. These sofas can offer more legroom than an L-shaped couch and have the added benefit of reclining seats, which makes it easier to kick your feet up at the end of an extended day.

Smaller two-piece sectionsal sofas with chaise are perfect for small sectional sofa with chaise living rooms. They can be placed next to media consoles or coffee tables, without blocking any pathways. You can even find a cuddler style that’s similar to a chaise but does not have the full-length footrest.

If you have a smaller space, it is possible to consider the chaise sectional with either a right or left-facing chaise. This will allow you to avoid blocking any pathways or other entry points in the room. You could also consider a reversible sectional with chaise that gives you the flexibility to change up your furniture arrangement at any time you want.

Select a sectional made of fabric that complements the color and material of your living space. Leather is a classic option that is elegant in any room, whereas suede and cotton fabrics add an informal look. You can also pick a sectional that is patterned with a chaise to add visual interest to your living space. There are many coordinating accent pillows available. You could also consider an ottoman that can be used as a coffee table.


The best sectional couches are comfortable and durable, making them easy to maintain. They also are timeless and work well with different styles of decorating. Some are ideal for families with children or pets. We found that the majority of the models we tested fit into doors that are standard and up stairs making them easy to transport when you need to move or rearrange your furniture. Some models come with a sleeper option that is ideal for guests with kids or adults who just need to rest in the bed.

The majority of retailers deliver sections assembled and ready to use. Some also offer delivery and installation. When buying a sectional remember that the overall dimensions (w x D x H) are the measurements from end to end for an L-sectional, or the longest edge of a U-sectional. Also, you’ll need to think about how tall your room is.

In addition to ensuring the sofa will fit in your space, you’ll want to ensure it’s durable enough for your life style. Certain brands offer high-performance fabrics that are resistant to spills, stains and pets. The Kova sectional from West Elm, for example is covered with a removable cover that is able to be machine washed and is impervious to water, wine, and Sriracha mayo staining. It also comes with a kiln dried wood frame, solid wooden legs, and zippered cushion covers that are available in a variety colors.

The Essential sectional by Sabai is a second option that is sturdy. The American-made sofa by the company has an extension that can be put on either side, as well as wide track arms. Its soft, upcycled poly fabric is soft and resembles the look of velvet, but is less expensive. You can customize the look by choosing from a broad choice of colors and more than 80 different fabric options.

Burrow, a sectional by MadeRight CA, is a relatively new product available. However, its owner, Edgar Blazona has launched BenchMade modern along with a myriad of other successful products. This modular sectional is comfy and durable, featuring high-density foam seats and an integrated USB charger. The wood used by the brand is responsibly sourced and optimizes cutting fabric to minimize waste. It also has one of the best return policies in the market, 180 days.


The first thing you need to consider when deciding whether or not you want a sectional with chaise is the size of your living room. A sectional takes up more space than a sofa, and so you must make sure that all pieces fit. If you’re not sure, consider taping out the exact shape and dimensions of the sectional on the floor to see if it will fit.

When it comes to choosing a sectional, there are many configurations to choose from. The L-shaped sectional is the most common. It comprises a chaise, an armless loveseat and a shorter side that has either a sofa or a single-arm chair. Other designs include c-shaped, HONBAY U-Shaped Sectional Couch Double Chaise Lounge and even small T-shaped ones.

In addition to the design of your sectional, you should also decide how many seats you would like. A two-seater chaise sectional can be a great choice for smaller spaces. It has less form factor and allows you to lounge while keeping some of your floor space available to accommodate other furniture. If you have a bigger space, you might be interested in a chaise sectional with three or four seats.

You’ll need to decide whether you require a recliner or whether other features such as cupholders are important. The majority of sectionals come in many colors, so you can easily find one that matches your decor. cor. The Broyhill Laramie sectional, for instance, is a classic style with rolled-up arms and bun feet that works well in a western or traditional space. The Palliser Providence sectional that reclines, however is sleek with track arms that works well in a transitional or contemporary space.

Finally, you’ll need to think about the kind of table you want to set up with your sectional. A coffee table is an excellent option to create a focal point in your living room. You can also get an end table to add an elegant touch and help to define the seating space.

A sectional that has a chaise can be a great choice for many types of homes. Depending on its size and style the sectional with chaise can be a cozy option for living rooms with a family or a chic option for entertaining guests. Contact us with any questions.

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