20 Things You Should Know About Fiat 500 Replacement Key Cost

Fiat 500 Replacement Key Fob

If your remote key fob isn’t functioning, it could be time to replace the battery. If you replace the battery and it still doesn’t work it could be the issue somewhere else.

United Locksmith specializes in the creation of new keys for classic cars. We have all the necessary tools and parts to perform this service.

Dead Coin Battery

A dead battery is the primary reason for your lost fiat 500 car key 500 keyfob not locking or unlocking the doors. The battery for the coin cell in the key fob is likely to drain quickly when you don’t utilize it frequently enough. If your remote is beginning to show signs of loss of range or stopped working, then the battery may be dead.

The battery inside the key fob is secured by metal retaining clips. If the clips are loose it can cause contact issues which will prevent the remote from receiving power. With a small flathead screwdriver, pull the clip that holds the retaining pin open to remove the current battery and insert a new one. Be sure to choose an alternative battery that has the same type of voltage, dimensions, and specification as the original battery.

The key fob could also become corroded or damaged by exposure to water. Even a quick bath in soapy water can harm the electronic chip in. It’s best to keep your key fob in a dry environment.

Water Damage

If your key fob isn’t working correctly, it could be due to water damage. Key fobs are fitted with rubber seals to protect them from being damaged by rain or a splash of water, however it is very important to keep your keys away from the pool, ocean, and the washing machine!

The key fob comes with an electronic chip that sends a signal car’s immobilizer system. This is what allows your 500 to start or lock, however if the chip gets wet, it will no longer function.

If you’re trying to determine whether your key fob still functioning you can clean the internal electronics using isopropyl or an electronic cleaner. However, it is probably better to purchase a replacement from a dealership instead of trying to fix a key fob that has been submerged by salt water.

While a replacement fob could cost a little money, it’s a lot cheaper than paying for your Fiat 500 to be towed to the dealership and repaired! In addition, you can do it yourself in only a few steps. Make sure you have the correct type of battery prior to opening your key fob. This task is far simpler than it appears and you can find step-by-step directions online for nearly every key fob for cars.

Faulty Chip

The chip inside the key fob communicates with the immobiliser in your car to ensure that the vehicle will only start once the right keys are in place. If the chip is damaged, or corrupted in any way your car will not start.

A chip that is damaged can happen due to many reasons, but the most common reason is water damage or a dead battery. Whatever the reason, it’s a good idea to leave this task to a locksmith, as they will be able to repair the chip quickly and at a cost-effective price.

If your key fob stops functioning after exposure to clean water from the tap or rain, unplug the battery and wipe down the electronic component with a towel to ensure it’s dry before putting it back into. If the key fob will not function, there is the possibility that it has damaged components and requires to be replaced.

Some people will go to their dealer if they require an entirely new Fiat fob. However, this can be costly. If you’re seeking a cost-effective solution to have your Fiat key fob fixed make sure you contact United Locksmith. We have all the tools and experience needed to fix your Fiat fob in a timely and professional manner.

Faulty Receiver Module

Fiat key fobs send an electronic signal to the vehicle which will unlock and lock doors (and start the car if it has an automatic transmission) up to 50 feet. However, there are a few factors that could cause the fob to stop functioning. These include a dead coin battery or water damage, worn buttons, a receiver module issue or signal interference, or an electronic chip that has failed.

If the fob has been stored in a place that has suffered a severe trauma, such as being dropped on a hard floor or being washed in the washing machine the fob may not be capable of communicating with the car’s Body Control Module (BCM). This is because the BCM is an extremely secure system that will only accept a signal from a genuine key and not accept any other.

You will need to replace the fob in case this occurs. A professional locksmith can take care of every aspect of the replacement process and even program a new one for the 500. In fact, they’ll provide you with a replica key that functions exactly like your original fob (and costs less than the cost).

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