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Buying a Full Sleeper Sofa

This model is a great option for those who want a chic sleeper sofa. Customers love the customizable options including leg color and chaise length.

Upgrade to a memory foam mattress. It is comfortable to sleep on, but can feel warm during warmer temperatures. Other popular choices include spring mattresses and Latex.


A full sleeper sofa provides the comfort of a couch and a bed all in one piece. The mattress can be rolled up to accommodate guests, so they can have a comfy bed to sleep in. The best sleeper sofas come with sturdy frames and mattresses that are designed to last. You can choose between high-density memory foam and gel-infused memory foam as well as the premium Tempur-Pedic. There are also models with hidden storage where you can tuck away any extra bedding or other items to keep your living room tidy and neat.

Pick from a variety of stylish designs that will fit your decor. These include classic elements such as tufted back cushions, or more contemporary structures with a track arm and contrasting trim. There are many choices of fabrics that range from luxurious velvet to soft microfiber. Some sofa beds include matching accent pillows to give them a sleek appearance.

The best sleeper sofas have a mechanism that opens the mattress quickly and with little effort. Pull-out mechanisms may use springs or bars, or they can have a more complex mechanism that incorporates an electric motor. You can also opt for a convertible design that allows you to fold the legs and seat back to reveal a large mattress.

When you are looking for a brand new full sleeper sofa be sure to check the dimensions of the mattress to make sure it can accommodate guests when it’s opened. You can also determine the thickness of the bed to make sure it is comfortable for sleeping and sitting. Some sleeper sofas come with an inflatable mattress, which you can pump up periodically to refresh the mattress. You can also choose from a wide range of kinds of mattresses, including traditional memory foam and polyurethane foam.

If you are planning to use your sleeper couch for daily sitting, you’ll need to ensure that the mattress is comfortable. A high-density foam mattress will provide the most support for sleeping and sitting. You can also select a memory foam mattress that’s gel-infused to provide cool comfort, or an innerspring mattress that has padding.


A full sleeper sofa is a great option when guests visit and you require extra space for sleeping. They are comfortable to sit on in the daytime and can transform into a bed at night. Some of the beds are on the floor with a mattress that is stored underneath the sofa cushions. You can pick the mattress type that is best suited to your needs. This includes innerspring, memory foam or latex. Most of these mattresses are free of odor and allergens making them a great choice for families with small children or people who suffer from allergies.

Another thing to consider when picking a sleeper sofa is the conversion mechanism. Some models come with the pullout sleeper sofa mechanism that lets you take the cushion off and pull out the metal frame which unfolds to reveal the mattress. This makes it easy to convert the sofa into a bed and requires no assembly. Some have a mechanism that folds out from the back of the sofa, creating an area for the mattress to be placed on. They are generally easier to use, but they might require some assembly.

Choose the best way to make use of your sleeper sofa. It will it be used mostly for occasional overnight guests? Can it be used to accommodate family members with illnesses who require to stay at home, but don’t want to spread germs? You may also decide to make it an extra room for guests when visiting relatives come to town.

The mattress you pick is also a major factor in determining how well your sleeper sofa will function. Many models include high-density foam mattresses that are odorless, anti-allergen, and mildew-resistant. Other options include polyurethane gel memory foam, or even an traditional innerspring mattress. If you are planning to use your sleeper sofa as an everyday mattress, think about upgrading to memory foam or gel-infused mattresses for more comfort and stability.

You can also personalize your full sleeper sofa with a variety of upholstery fabrics that match the look of your living space. Pick from a wide range of patterns and colors for the perfect fit in your home. Crate and Barrel provides free interior design services to help you select the perfect color or pattern.


A full sleeper sofa is a stylish seating choice in the day, and also a comfortable mattress for night. When looking for one, consumers should think about a few different factors to find the right piece for their home. These include the design, size and the mechanism of the sleeper sofa. It is also important to be aware of the kind of mattress they will get with the sleeper sofa.

The size of the space in which the sofa will be installed is the first factor to consider. Sleeper sofas are available in twin, queen, and king sizes It is therefore important to determine the amount of space you’ll have when the bed is removed. It is also recommended to measure the floor to make sure the sofa will be able to fit in the right place.

The next step is to decide how often they will make the sofa into an additional bed. Some sleeper sofas are designed for occasional overnight guests, while others are meant to be used each and every night. This will help shoppers decide if they need to choose a top-quality platform sleeper sofa or a futon equipped with a bar-and-spring mechanism.

Another aspect to consider is the style of their living area. If you have a contemporary or modern living space and you want to make it look sleek, a sleek pull-out sleeper sofa is an ideal choice. If the room has more of a rustic or country style, then a futon may be a better option as it provides an elegant appearance and isn’t as large.

If the sleeper sofa going to be used as a bed each and every night, it is essential to choose the right mattress that can provide the comfort you want while also being sturdy enough for regular use. You can choose from various mattress types including gel memory, which provides relief from pressure points and sleeps cooler compared to traditional memory foam, innerspring, or polyurethane.

The last thing that buyers must do is check the pull-out mechanism of the sofa and ensure it is easy to use. This is particularly important for people who are physically challenged or are elderly. It is also recommended to test the sofa several times to make sure they are able to use it without difficulty.


A full sleeper sofa is a fashionable and practical feature for any living space. It is a great way to accommodate guests and easily transform the sofa into a comfy bed. Many of the sleeper sofas featured on this page have storage options for bedding and other items that will ensure you have everything you require close to hand when guests arrive to stay.

Consider how you will use your sleeper sofa before buying it. Will it be used primarily as a seating area or perhaps for occasional guests who stay overnight? Perhaps you’d like to use it as an extra bedroom for family members who are sick and don’t want to share with others on a mattress, or for when someone is away with the family. You’ll also have to think about the weight of the sofa and if it will be too heavy to lift up or down the stairs, especially in a multi-level house.

This sectional sofa sleeper comes with an adjustable chaise that can be flipped to reveal a hidden storage area for linens and other supplies. The sofa is covered in a durable, easy-care material that resists fading and scratching. The cushions filled with foam are soft and sturdy, and the slender springs limit the sagging that happens over time. Two accent pillows are included to complete the design.

A high-end pull-out sleeper provides a twin-sized bed that transforms by simply pulling the base. It’s upholstered with velvet fabric in a jewel tone, which adds a touch luxury to any room. The frame is constructed of engineered and solid wooden and is set on a round foot to give a classic look. The track arms feature a finished welted for a more refined appearance, and the seat comes with USB ports and cup holders for added convenience.

If you plan to use your new sleeper sofa solely for seating, consider a futon rather than the traditional pull-out sofa bed. Futons are less expensive and are closer to the floor than a full-sized mattress and are a great alternative for apartments. Futons are available in a variety of sizes that can be customized to fit the space you have. They also come with pockets on the sides for storage, as well as an open bookcase.

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