It’s The Complete List Of Mini Replacement Key Dos And Don’ts

mini cooper replacement key cost Cooper Key Fob Troubleshooting Tips

A Mini Cooper is a unique car that has a classic design and excellent handling. However it’s not without its fair share of issues.

One of the most frequent is when a key fob is malfunctioning. You can avoid an expensive trip to a dealership by fixing it yourself.

Remote Mirror Control

The MINI Cooper keyfob is equipped with a range of useful features which include the ability to operate remotely exterior features such as the sunroof and roll-up windows. This is a huge convenience for many drivers, especially when they have to squeeze into tight space.

The remote mirror control operates by giving drivers the ability to press the “lock” button on their key fob in order to fold their side view mirrors. They can also use the same button to unfold them once more. If you’re having issues with this function on your vehicle, it is likely that the switch that controls it has failed. A local ASE certified technician will inspect the switch to determine if it needs to be replaced.

Some drivers find that their car’s wing mirrors will adjust from top to bottom but won’t adjust in the opposite direction. This indicates that the mirror control switch has likely been affected by a glitch. This could be due to a faulty master or slave switch, and also a problem with the electrical switch that is responsible for sending the signal to the mirrors.

Fortunately the local ASE-certified mechanic will be able to fix this problem with a simple and inexpensive fix. The solution is to get the switch controlling the mirror replaced. This will fix the problem and allow you to take advantage of the exterior features of your car without worrying about someone stealing your car.

Remote Start

The standard MINI Cooper keyfob is equipped with a battery which charges when it is inserted in the ignition lock. It is recommended to check the status of the battery at least twice a year. If it is low replace the battery according to this article.

Many cars come equipped with remote start. This makes it possible to start your engine from a distance. This is especially useful during winter, when you want to warm up your car before you leave to work. It can also be used to cool down or heat the interior.

If you have a MINI equipped with Comfort Access, it is possible to use your key fob in order to start the ventilation system. This differs from remote start but is extremely beneficial in case you’re late to work in St Louis Park, or %%traget_city the city.

Remote start is a feature that can be added to your MINI by purchasing an accessory kit from Compustar. These kits utilize factory connectors, which prevents unnecessary wire cuts and protects the integrity of your vehicle’s internal wiring. This kit is only available on certain MINI Cooper models and years. It includes an remote start and two 2-way remote transmitters. For pricing and installation, contact your local Arctic Start retailer.

Acoustic Lock Confirmation

The BMW comfort access system features an option that allows you know that your car is secure, even if you can’t see it. This is called the acoustic lock confirmation, and it’s an easy beep sound that lets you know that your car is locked and that the trunk is locked. It’s a great way to get peace of mind when you park your car in a parking area that’s not familiar or if you’re leaving your car unattended for a certain duration of time.

My wife’s 2022 Cooper S 5 door would like an Acoustical lock/unlock confirm. Is it possible to program this? Would you be able to suggest a Piezo buzzer/siren to connect to?


Bimmercode offers a powerful USB coder that can activate the acoustic lock confirmation function for your BMW. It’s an inexpensive, easy to install device that will inform you when your vehicle is locked or unlocked so you can have confidence that your bmw mini key fob programming is secure. Learn more here.

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