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Lost Ignition Key? Here’s What to Do

If you’ve lost your ignition key, it’s important to find out where you may have seen it. Retrace your steps and try to recall what you were doing the last time you recall seeing the keys.

Replacing a traditional car key is easy and affordable. Locksmiths can create the new key immediately without the original. A key that is more advanced in technology, such as transponder, smart keys or switchblade, will require roadside assistance.

1. Check the Ignition

There are many things that can cause your car keys not to turn on the ignition. First, it could be worn. As time passes, the pins in the cylinder could be worn out, preventing it from turning. This is the most common reason why people aren’t able to start their cars.

Another possibility is that the key fob is a dead battery that needs to be replaced. This is a simple fix that you can do at your home. Purchase a new battery for your key fob, and test whether it works in your car.

In the end, it could be that your ignition switch is defective. The ignition switch is a component that supplies power to specific components when you insert your car key into the ignition cylinder. It is important to note that the ignition switch does not start the car; it is only a means for the engine to be started.

If you own an ordinary ignition key, it has a metal shaft that is fitted into a head made of plastic, or cylinder, within the ignition of your vehicle. When you turn the key into your ignition, it presses tumblers into a precise arrangement and then closes an ignition key replacement cost circuit that will then supply power to the starter motor to start the engine.

Modern cars are equipped with an electronic chip embedded in the key head to prevent car theft. Keys with transponders are commonly referred to as transponder keys. When you insert a key that has a transponder in your ignition, it transmits an identification code to your car’s antenna. This unique code will allow the engine’s computer start the starter motor.

If your car uses a transponder key, there is no way to start it if the key fob battery fails. This is why it’s always an excellent idea to have an extra key in your car, just in case! However, many auto manufacturers include a failsafe to help get your car started in the event that the key with the chip is lost.

2. Check the Locks

When you are in a hurry or performing something else that requires your attention, it’s more likely that you’ll lose your car keys. They can easily get misplaced if you’re not careful, which leads to a stressful situation when it occurs. There are steps you can take to go from frustration and panic to finding your keys again.

You might think that keys that were traditionally used are a thing of the past but they’re actually can be purchased from your local auto dealer or an automotive locksmith. These are standard keys that secure your ignition and door and start the engine once you turn. You can also use these keys to open your trunk or glove box. Traditional keys are generally the most affordable to replace, and your local locksmith should be able cut a key while you wait.

Key fobs first came into use in the late ’90s, and they are plastic casings that have buttons that can lock and unlock your car (and in certain cases activate the alarm or open the trunk). Some of these devices have physical keys tucked inside. Fobs can be reprogrammed by your local locksmith, but only after the transponder chip has been replaced and a transmitter have been added to the key.

Many of us have had the misfortune of not having our keys when we are in a hurry or distracted. If you were in a taxi or a ride-sharing service such as Uber or Lyft you could not have been a big problem if the keys were left on your seat. However, if you lose them at home or at work, you may put your possessions and your family members in danger.

If you have an extra key, you can test it first. It could be hidden in your home or bag, making it worth an initial search. Think about retracing the steps that you took from where you parked your vehicle until your home or workplace.

Another alternative is to run your VIN number through the key database. If your locks have already been changed or rekeyed then running your VIN through the key database won’t produce an appropriate key. Guardian Safe & Lock recommends that replacement automotive locks be re-keyed to match the original key cut as often as is feasible.

3. Check the door locks

If you’re having difficulty starting your car, there may be an issue with the door locks. The door locks might be locked or opened by using the key inside. If you’ve lost your car keys, it is recommended to have a spare backup key that came with your vehicle. These keys can be found in the key fob or as backup keys that you can use to open your vehicle. You can also try using an instrument like a Slim Jim to gain entry into your car without causing damage to the locks on your doors or the ignition switch.

The battery may be dead If the key fob is working but it isn’t turning on the ignition. You’ll need to replace batteries in the keyfob and reprogram the device, if necessary.

Over time keys to cars wear out and their edges can break in the lock or the ignition cylinder. The wafers on the key might not be fully engaged, making it difficult to turn the ignition.

A car key can also occasionally switch on and off when it is in the ignition. This is due to the fact that the internal components are wearing out and can cause intermittent problems with the ignition switch.

It’s not common for people to take the wrong key off their table or from their key rings when trying to start their car ignition key replacement. It could be a challenge because some keys are very similar and you could accidentally insert the wrong key into the ignition.

This is a simple fix you can perform at home: just clean the key with the help of a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol. This will remove any foreign materials from the surface of your key, which could prevent it from turning the ignition on or unlocking doors.

If you’re still having trouble take a note of your VIN (vehicle identification number) before contacting a locksmith. This will increase your chances of finding someone to replace your car key. The VIN will usually be on your insurance card, however, it’s also found in a few other places on the vehicle itself, including on a panel just above the driver’s seat and on the back of the engine block, in the trunk or the door jamb, and on the frame between the carburetor and the windshield washer.

4. Contact for a locksmith

It’s terrifying to be locked out of your vehicle particularly at night. If you don’t know where your keys went, or if your keys are lost or stolen, the best thing to do is to call a locksmith to come unlock your door.

A locksmith is a skilled contractor who has specialized skills in everything related to locks and access control. They are certified to install, uninstall or repair and dismantle doors as well as locks and ignition cylinders.

A lot of people in this type of situation try to save money by calling their car dealer to make an entirely new set of keys but this is usually an unwise choice. The majority of dealerships will charge much more than other shops or car parts stores, and it might take a while to obtain your keys.

Luckily, you can also find locksmiths in times of need and let them decode your lock or design the new one for you. The locksmith will likely only require the spare key to decode the lock, so they can create a brand new key for your vehicle. The locksmith will wipe the old key off the car system, which means it will not be able to start the car until a new key is programmed to work with it.

If you have transponder keys, the locksmith will need to gain access into your vehicle, and then use a special device to reprogram the computer in your car to communicate to the new key. This procedure is referred to as “key fob replacement” or “all key lost”.

Transponder keys are used in a majority of automobiles today. They are a small plastic key with a computer-chip to communicate with an immobilizer. The chip inside the key could be damaged by water, heat, battery problems, or other factors that cause it not function properly. In this case you’ll have to replace the key and then re-program the vehicle’s computer to accept it. A reliable locksmith on the move will be able to accomplish this for you, and also create a key that will work well in the future.

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