The 10 Most Scariest Things About Peugeot 107 Key

Peugeot 307 Key Replacement

Peugeots utilize a specific transponder style key to unlock the car and allow it to start. The loss of this key is an unimaginable scenario for many car owners. A locksmith with the right expertise can give you spare keys in no time.

A professional auto locksmith can program your new key to ensure that it works with the barrels of your current lock. They can also repair a remote if the original is damaged or lost.

Keys lost or stolen

The majority of Peugeot models manufactured from 1995 onwards are equipped with an immobiliser. The system is based on a small chip of glass concealed in the key, which functions in combination with the immobiliser. The system is encrypted using a complex code which cannot be changed. It will only start the engine if it recognizes the correct chip. If the immobiliser detects the wrong chip is present it will cut off the fuel supply and not turn.

In the event that your Peugeot key is lost, stolen or damaged, it could be extremely stressful and frustrating being without a functioning vehicle. This is particularly true if you have to share your Peugeot with others, and each person requires their own set of keys. A professional locksmith for cars can make a replacement key right on the spot, making sure that you’re not left in a bind. This is typically a faster and less expensive option than having to take your vehicle to the dealer.

To make a new key to your Peugeot car, the locksmith in your car require access to your vehicle’s VIN since this is used to identify your specific Peugeot model. The locksmith at the car will be able to transfer the transponder from your old key to the new one. They will then be in a position to program the new key to ensure it will work with your Peugeot immobiliser and they can give you the new keys to you.

Broken Keys

Peugeots were once so durable that you could literally drop them off an cliff and they’d work, but now they’re so delicate that even being dropped on the ground will mean that the key switches inside will break. A new key or, at the very least a replacement case will be required if this happens.

A replacement Peugeot car key can be made easily by an experienced mobile locksmith. An auto locksmith who owns tools used by Peugeot dealers can create new keys in a shorter time than a Peugeot dealer.

A Peugeot Flip car key contains an extremely thin piece of plastic that is so thin it is almost impossible to see through it. This is a flaw in the design. The fact that the key is designed to be flipped back and forth makes it subject to a lot of movement. In time, this will begin to wear down the buttons. If it is left for too long the whole switch mechanism inside will fail. This is a common issue with peugeot 107 key fob keys, and it can be fixed quickly by a mobile locksmith. In a matter of minutes the replacement key can be created and the immobiliser chips re-configured. This will save you the hassle of having to take your vehicle to garage.

Keys that are damaged Keys

Peugeot are known for using very delicate plastic on their flip keys. The plastic looks like it’s made of Pavlova or Balsa. If you drop the key on a hard surface, the button is likely to get crushed and the electronic switching underneath could break off.

The ‘virtual chip’ inside a Peugeot flip-key are actually quite complicated, with many parts on the board. All that coupled with the brittleness of a plastic construction makes it quite easy to cause to cause a Peugeot flip key to be damaged, particularly if it gets hit, dropped or tossed around.

If this happens it’s time to contact an Peugeot professional car locksmith to replace your car key and program it to work with the immobiliser on your Peugeot. Dealerships can do this, however they’ll charge you for the privilege of having your Peugeot towed there and then take a long time making and programming your new key. A trusted mobile locksmith will be equipped with all the equipment required to complete the task quickly and at a significantly lower cost. You can also get assistance with any other Peugeot lock or key related issues.

Immobiliser Fault

The immobiliser system in your car is one of its most crucial features because it prevents it from being stolen or wired by thieves. If there’s a problem with your system however, you’ll be unable to start or lock your vehicle. A locksmith can fix this issue quickly and effectively.

This happens when your key fob does not transmit the proper codes to the immobiliser’s system. This is the case if you try to unlock your car with your key fob, but it doesn’t work. If you try to start the car, but it doesn’t work it’s the same.

A specialist can inspect the wiring and the CAN network to determine if there’s a problem in the immobiliser system. They can also examine the immobiliser chip and transponder in the key fob.

The warning light on the dashboard will usually blink if there’s a problem with your immobiliser. It will normally stay for a few seconds, and then turn off if your immobiliser is malfunctioning. You might also notice that your vehicle is having trouble locking or unlocking, and you are having difficulty getting it started. If this is the case, contact a specialist straight away.

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