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How Much Does an ADHD Private Diagnosis in the UK Cost?

The quality of ADHD services in the UK has been put in the spotlight once again following an BBC Panorama investigation. It has revealed that a large number of people are paying for private assessments and medication because of overcrowded NHS waiting lists.

Private consultations can give a more thorough and quicker diagnosis by psychiatrists. Prices usually range from PS500 to PS1,200.


When it comes to ADHD the expenses associated with treatment and diagnosis can be significant. There are ways to reduce the expenses. One option is to seek an individual assessment from a reputable provider. This will give you an earlier and more precise diagnosis rather than waiting on the NHS list. You can also select the clinic that best suits your budget and needs.

The cost of an adult ADHD assessment differs from clinic to clinic. The price ranges between PS600 and PS1050. The test can be performed face-to-face or via video. The adult ADHD assessment consists of a discussion with a psychiatrist or psychologist and a medical examination. The test should take about 90 minutes.

Certain insurance companies may not cover ADHD assessments. For instance, Aviva says it does not cover treatment for psychiatric disorders since they are considered to be chronic. Many parents prefer to get a private evaluation despite this, as they are more likely to receive a diagnosis. It’s also less expensive than waiting to get an NHS appointment.

Indirect costs can be as high. Parents of children with ADHD typically have to pay money on tuition sessions with psychologists or psychotherapists and therapist appointments and travel expenses and reduced productivity. Employers could be affected by their increased absenteeism or turnover.

The accessibility of ADHD services is poor in the UK, with many NHS services being overstretched and lacking resources. This could lead to long waiting times and adults who aren’t diagnosed with ADHD may not receive adequate assistance. These adults may have poor outcomes, such as high rates of crime, a low occupational status and poor relationships with their driving records and driving records. They could also be suffering from comorbid mental disorders. This is why it’s important for adults with ADHD to be diagnosed and treated promptly.

Waiting at various times

The long waiting times associated with ADHD assessment and treatment have been made public by MPs in a Westminster Hall debate, following two petitions. The debate focused on the issues that are faced by children and adults who are not diagnosed with ADHD. The debate also discussed the effects of delays on mental health, education, and the education system. The petitioners argue that there is a national crisis in the provision of adhd diagnosis private assessments and treatment. They insist that NHS services meet high standards by logging waiting times.

The government has been defending NHS services by saying that Nice guidelines are clear, and that integrated care boards (ICBCs) and NHS Trusts are the ones that commission ADHD services. However some critics draw attention to internal reports that suggest the NHS is struggling to meet demand for ADHD services. This could be due to an uneasy relationship between the desire to cut down on waiting times for patients and the costs of increased service delivery.

Private healthcare is one way to avoid the lengthy waiting times that are associated with an NHS diagnosis of ADHD. Private psychiatrists are usually skilled in diagnosing adult ADHD and often screen for co-morbidities, like anxiety and depression that are common among adults with ADHD. They can also prescribe medication. The cost of an assessment for ADHD will vary based on the location of your home and the type of assessment you require however in London it can vary from PS500 to PS1,200.

Many people are forced to seek treatment for ADHD privately because of the lengthy waits on the NHS. For example, Will Belshah, 29 was forced to wait for 18 months for a prescription of the drug Xaggatin at his local GP practice. He feels like he’s in limbo struggling to get the help he requires.

NHS Right to Choose is another option that allows patients to select their own healthcare provider. For those who are adults in England this could mean that they will not be on the waiting lists by choosing a private clinic with NHS approval. It is important to remember that each private healthcare facility has their own rules regarding whether a referral letter from a GP is required to conduct an assessment. Some will request an GP referral, while others will not.


ADHD is a mental health condition which can cause problems in many aspects of your life. It is characterized by symptoms such as inattentiveness and inability to organise, and difficulty with scheduling tasks and completing them on time. It can also lead to anger and frustration. There are a variety of ways to manage ADHD, including therapy or medication. However, it is important to find a psychiatrist who is skilled in ADHD treatment to ensure you receive the best care possible.

Following a BBC investigation found that a number of private clinics over-diagnosed ADHD the poor provision of ADHD services has come to the forefront. This was a serious issue because it caused lots of unnecessary stress for the individuals involved and wasted funds for public services. It also hurt people suffering from the disorder, because it exacerbated the stigma and stereotypes that are associated with the disorder.

Consult your doctor who will refer you to an NHS Adult ADHD service. The NHS will provide a same-day appointment which is typically more convenient than going to an individual clinic. Alternately, you can ask your GP for the referral to a specialist private psychiatrist who specializes in ADHD.

An ADHD assessment typically lasts two hours, which is plenty of time to fully explore your symptoms and how they affect you. During the assessment your psychiatrist will consider the severity of your symptoms and your family history. They will also consider your symptoms within a social or work context. They will also check you for co-morbidities like anxiety or depression which are common in ADHD.

Your GP will also provide medical recommendations and a written report. They may prescribe medication at a cost additional to you and even set up a care agreement with your GP to save money on NHS prescription fees (subject GP approval). They will also provide you with self-help guides and other information that focus on effective psychosocial management. This will help you deal with your symptoms and manage your illness.


Finding a private diagnosis of ADHD isn’t easy particularly when you are seeking medication. Many GPs won’t sign a shared-care contract with you if your diagnosis is private and you aren’t fully titrated to a final dose. They aren’t ADHD experts and therefore cannot be expected understand the complexities involved in titration. Some private clinics offer fast diagnosis and medication.

Be sure to make a list of your problems and the reasons for them before you go for the ADHD test. This will help you be more specific with your answers. It is also important to note down any family mental health history that you are aware of. The psychiatrist or psychiatric assistant will ask you questions regarding your symptoms. You will be asked about your family members, your work, and how your symptoms are affecting them. They will also inquire about any mental health issues you may have.

Private assessments are typically conducted on video or in person. They can take between 45 to 90 minutes. The Psychiatrist will ask you to fill in ADHD questionnaires and conduct a structured interview. You will also discuss your current problems with him. The psychiatrist will also discuss your history of mental health and any other issues you may be having. It is crucial to be honest when answering these questions, because they will use them to diagnose you.

The Psychiatrist will determine if you have ADHD and prescribes medication. Typically, they will prescribe Methylphenidate first, then Atomoxetine and then Dexamfetamine at the end. However, if the initial medication isn’t working for you, your psychiatrist might alter your prescription to another one.

It is important to remember that only psychiatrists or specialist nurse can prescribe medication for ADHD in the UK. Other healthcare professionals, such as Psychologists, may conduct assessments, but they aren’t competent to prescribe medication for ADHD. A Psychiatrist, or a specialist nurse will be required to determine the cause of ADHD. This is essential to be protected at work and also the Disabled Student Aid (DSA) which is available to students.

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