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A serious injury sustained during a crash with a Riverdale Park Semi Truck Accident Law Firm-truck can leave an individual with medical expenses. It can also lead to permanent disabilities requiring expensive equipment and long-term physical therapy.

Following a collision, it is essential to have an experienced New York truck accident attorney on your side. A skilled lawyer can you prove your case with evidence such as police reports or surveillance camera footage and more.

Poorly-Maintained Vehicles

In a majority of cases trucking companies and owners-operators do not take appropriate steps to make sure their vehicles are in good condition. This leads to an overwhelming number of avoidable accidents each year.

Comparatively to passenger vehicles, tractor-trailers and semis will require more frequent maintenance work due to their size and heavier loads. However, the pressure of meeting deadlines and maximising profits often takes precedence over maintaining the fleet. This is why trucks can become prone to mechanical malfunctions that can could cause devastating accidents.

The brakes on trucks must be able to stop and slow down the vehicle at a single notice. When brake pads lines, return springs or lines on a truck wear out they can cause serious accidents and fatal injuries. These components should be checked and repaired regularly when necessary to ensure they are in good working condition.

Tires that are not maintained properly can be a major cause of truck accidents. Tires that are worn out may lose traction, which causes the truck to skid or even roll over. If a tire is not properly designed in any way, like having the wrong air pressure or improper tread design, it may fail catastrophically.

Regular inspections of trucks are required along with regular maintenance to identify mechanical issues before they can cause an incident. However, if an inspection is not done correctly or the repair shop fails to adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines this could result in a crash. In these instances the company that employed or supervising the maintenance or the repair shop could be held accountable.

Incorrect lights, signals and reflectors are also a frequent cause of truck accident. These devices must be correctly functioning to allow drivers to see the truck and anticipate its movements, particularly in rural areas or at night. However, trucking companies could fail to check and maintain these elements or the driver may not perform regular safety checks.

A reputable Houston truck accident lawyer can review your case and determine which parties may be responsible for your losses if you were injured in an accident caused by a faulty maintenance of a commercial truck. The investigation can uncover evidence to prove the defendant’s negligence in your crash and help you obtain the compensation you are entitled to.

Distracted Drivers

There are few things more devastating than an accident involving a commercial truck. These huge vehicles weigh up to 25 times more than your car and can cause much greater injuries when they are involved in an accident. While a variety of factors can cause accidents, distracted driving is one of the most common and dangerous. A distracted driver of a truck can lose control of their vehicle or miss an accident on the road which could lead to serious and life-altering injuries.

Truck drivers are required to follow strict rules and regulations set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This includes a prohibition on texting and using mobile phones while operating their vehicles. Even if truckers abide by the rules, they could still get distracted and cause an accident. This could be due to accidental distractions, such as getting your hands off the steering wheel, or by cognitive distractions such as thinking about something other than driving.

Although most people know that it’s dangerous to text and drive, few are aware that other activities such as eating or changing the radio station or conversing with a passenger could also be considered distracting. If a trucker is distracted it is possible that he will drift into a different track and not see the traffic jam ahead. It only takes a split second for a huge truck to crash into a vehicle when the trucker’s focus is diverted.

If a truck crash is caused by distracted drivers It is essential to snap photos of the crash scene and note down the contact details and name of any witnesses. It is crucial to know the name of the driver, the company that they work for, and who owns the vehicle if it’s an independent contractor. This will affect who is liable for your incident since the trucking company is responsible for hiring skilled and competent truck drivers. If the trucking company is found to be partially at fault for the accident, they may be liable for your economic and non-economic losses.

Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions with trucks are common and can result in serious injuries. They can occur in a variety settings, such as at the stop or red light sign when the trucker fails to look behind them for oncoming traffic. They can also occur when a car cuts in front of the truck, forcing the driver to slam on their brakes without warning. The trucker might then slam into the car from behind.

It is often difficult to prove fault in a rear-end crash, as it is not always obvious which vehicle caused the accident. An experienced attorney can gather evidence to show that the driver behind caused the crash because they followed too closely or driving in a distracted manner. This evidence can include photos of the scene, police reports, eyewitness testimony, as well being skid marks on the road.

The driver in the front of the car could also be held responsible for the accident. This can happen if they cut someone off or fail to use a turn signal as any other reasonable person would do. In these situations the modified comparative negligence laws could be used. The jury will assign a percentage of blame to each of the parties. The damages are then lowered accordingly.

Bruises and Lacerations

The rear end of the vehicle experiences the most impact in a rear-end collision, which means that the occupants could suffer serious injuries as they smash their head against the dashboard or back windows. The force of the crash may cause broken bones if the occupants are thrown about the inside of the vehicle. The injuries to the spine can be extremely severe. The spinal cord contains a lot of nerves that regulate the body, and any damage to the spinal column could cause serious and lasting problems for victims.

A person who is the victim of a serious accident may also experience emotional and psychological trauma. They may experience difficulty getting enough sleep or concentrating, which can lead to depression and anxiety. They may also experience stress and financial burdens when they are unable to work due to their injury. An attorney can investigate all possible sources of liability and assist the victim in seeking an appropriate amount of compensation for their loss.

Problematic Trailer Hitches

All vehicles, regardless of whether they are a car or van, truck flatbed, van, need to be securely connected to their trailers. If a trailer becomes unhitched, it can cause a catastrophic accident that could result in severe injuries or even death. If you’ve suffered injuries in a car accident caused by a truck that has run away get in touch with an experienced lawyer who is skilled in cases involving the failure of a hitch to discuss your legal options.

The reason behind a defective trailer hitch can be a variety of things which can range from inadequate securing or defective design. It can also be the result a defect in the manufacturing process, in which case laws governing product liability could apply. The company or individual accountable for a defective trailer is liable for the victims’ medical costs or auto repair expenses, as well as other losses resulting from the incident.

In an accident that killed a person on a highway in Ohio known as “Devil’s Backbone” in January 2014 an unattached trailer was spotted on the truck. It then crashed into two cars that were directly behind it. The initial investigation attributed the accident to the truck driver’s inattention to inspect and secure the hitch. In June 2015 however, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration began to investigate the possibility that a defect in the hitch and an Ultra LT manufactured Fontaine Fifth Wheel in Trussville, Alabama, was responsible for the crash.

As a result of the faulty hitch caused by the defective hitch, the trailer smashed into the sides of the vehicles and then crashed into them head-on. The result was multiple deaths and serious injuries to the drivers.

The driver of the truck involved in the crash was found guilty of vehicular murder, however experts believe that he could have avoided the crash if he’d performed an extensive inspection of his trailer to ensure all connections were in good order. A faulty trailer hitch could cause major problems. These kinds of incidents are usually high-speed and are able to sidewipe motorbikes or smaller vehicles. In these situations the trailer can deform the car’s frame, and cause steel fragments that are razor-sharp to sever the limbs of passengers in.

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